How To Exceed Your Goals In 2016

For many of us, 2016 begins with a promise—a promise that this year we will accomplish that which has eluded us. Often it’s the everyday things that prove most difficult—managing your schedule, treating people the way you ought to, and keeping things in perspective when chaos is at hand. The sad truth is that nearly […]

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When You Know It’s Time to Go

In this series, professionals share all the right — and wrong — ways to leave a job. Follow the stories here, and write your own (please include #IQuit somewhere in the body of your post). When I left my first job, my boss told me I was making the biggest mistake of my life. I […]

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Why writing test cases is like writing code

The divide between testing and developing has long been taken as an absolute by members of both professions. However, closer inspection can help us debunk this idea, to an extent, by revealing instances where writing test cases and writing code appear to follow very similar principles. Test cases may not look like code, but in […]

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