Enterprise Software

DLNCOMP develops custom-tailored software designed to fit your particular business needs. We specialize in enterprise software applications that help automate your organisational processes.

Web Applications

DLNCOMP delivers high-end web services from consultancy, web design, web content generation, domain acquisitions, in-house or cloud based hosting plans to search engine optimization. Our company focuses on developing high-end web applications both for the internet and for intranet.

Mobile Solutions

We offer a wide range of mobile software solutions for smartphones and other mobile devices. Depending on each project’s unique requirements, we decide whether to develop a native app or a web-based mobile application.

Quality Assurance

To ensure successful and efficient software development, DLNCOMP integrates an advanced Quality Assurance system throughout the software development lifecycle. In its essence, Quality Assurance helps keeping your software operating and error-free.

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Our Skills

  • Photoshop60%
  • HTML, CSSmoderate
  • Javascripts80%
  • WordPress90%
  • PHPeasy


A pleasure to work with this guys. Professionals and determined to deliver high quality.
NotarCluj-Napoca.ro- Notar
Project delivered in time, support offered with professionalism. Proactive thinking
Pentrueducatie.ro- Project manager
With a collaboration from more than 3 years we are happy to have a such team in our development journey.
Avocatconsultanta.ro- Website owner

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